Kundalini Yoga Benefits


Kundalini yoga involves doing repetitive movements while focusing on the sound of your breath. This helps to stimulate the nervous system filling you with healing prana, or life energy.

Often called the yoga of awareness, Kundalini yoga benefits include all of the following and more:

  • helping to calm and clear the mind
  • rejuvenates the mind and body
  • good for stress relief
  • helps reverse self destructive behaviors such as addiction
  • good for the back
  • helps you to attain bliss
  • helps you harness your inner energy for good

Last week in my yoga class we did a Kundalini torso twist. It felt so good that I have been doing it at home to help me when I feel drained or frazzled. It is easy to do and I invite you to try it.

One Minute Revitalizing Torso Twist

1. Sit in a comfortable cross legged position as tall as you can. Spread your fingers and rest them on your shoulders. Keep your elbows spread as if you have wings. Close your eyes if you like. Draw the belly in.

2. Inhale through the nose and let your belly fill up like a big balloon. Twist your torso from the waist to the left, keeping your hips still and letting your shoulders and head follow your trunk. Then exhale through the mouth, forcing the air out of your body while pulling the navel back towards your spine and return to center.

With each exhale, make a loud “shhhhh!” sound.

3. Inhale through the nose, let the belly fill up and now twist in the same way to the right. Exhale through the mouth making the loud Shhhhhh! sound, pull your navel back towards the spine and return to center.

4. Repeat the twisting motion for 1 minute without stopping. Let your breath guide you into each side of the twist. Remember to sit up as tall as you can throughout the twist exercise. Challenge yourself to go as fast as you comfortably can while maintaining your posture.

Work up to 3 minutes if you can.

5. When you have completed your minute, slow the movement gradually and come to a complete stop. Lower your hands to your shins and take 3 slow diaphragmatic breaths. This will center you and bring you into a revitalized state.


Enjoy the Kundalini yoga benefits of vigor, relaxed awareness, and revitalization as you continue throughout your day. This is the good kind of energy that doesn’t feel like anxiety at all. Love it. 🙂

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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