Using Hypnosis for Anxiety

listentingDespite our best efforts, sometimes we may find our self slipping into old thoughts and behavior patterns that give us anxiety and panic attacks.

Lately I have been challenged with trying to keep the focus on having the proper mindset so I don’t end up a tangled bag of nerves.

Last week almost did me in. Try as I may, I couldn’t force myself to feel better. I couldn’t stop the racing thoughts. I couldn’t do anything but lay in front of the TV eating bag after bag of potato chips. It really sucked.

And that’s why I went back to using hypnosis for anxiety…

When it comes to trying different things to try to help with anxiety, we each have to find the thing that works best for us. And whatever that is, it may not work all the time.

Which is something I’ve experiences recently while trying to use my usual methods -diaphragmatic breathing, visualizations, exercise – and getting incredibly frustrated…

I have used hypnosis downloads to help me with specific anxiety issues in the past- and with good results. But this has taken a back burner to the things mentioned above.

And then life happens, things shift a little, or a season changes, and you realize something you are working with doesn’t work quite so well and you end up feeling stressed and anxious all over again.

For me I start to get feelings that I don’t even want to leave my house. That’s when I know I am at complete overwhelm and it’s time to take massive action to feel less anxious.

I am not one to stay on the pity pot for too long (well not usually, lol), and I know for sure that I can go back to something wonderful like hypnosis for anxiety. It helped me in the past and I KNOW it will help me again.

So I went to my favorite site Hypnosis Downloads and did some searching around.

I was pleasantly surprised- they did over the main website and added tons of new audios, downloads, and CDs.

The icing on the cake is they added lots more anxiety hypnosis downloads- everything from specific social anxiety situations like work or parties, to building confidence and self esteem.

I invite you to take a look at this page where I compiled a wide variety of their downloads that tackle just about every aspect of anxiety, stress, panic attacks, mindset, motivation, you name it…

Tip: if you think you might want to purchase more than one download I suggest you do it all at one time, so you can take advantage of the savings they give with buying more than one product. 🙂

You can’t have those super duper power days where you overcome everything anxiety throws your way all the time. Those are great phases, but the recovery phase does ebb and flow. Life continues to hit us with curveballs, unexpected stress, you name it, and we have to adjust and adapt.

So when you’re not in your invincible mode, the best thing you can do is… anything. As long as you’re doing something besides laying on the couch feeling depressed about it. Do something – no matter how small that something is.

If, for example you are going through a slump and feeling anxious all the time, could you commit yourself to listening to a 20 minute hypnosis download that could lighten your burden?

Of course you could.

That small amount of time spent listening and relaxing could give you just the lift and confidence you need to make it through the next hour. And then you listen to it again. And get through the next hour. And then the next. And pretty soon those hours start to add up! 🙂

Its all about finding something right now that works for you right now, and using it. Period.

I decided to go back to using hypnosis for one reason- I felt so unfocused and filled with nervous energy I couldn’t really sit still. In this state I cant read my beloved and dog-eared Claire Weeks books. I tried, nothing sinks in.

It was best for me to LISTEN. To put on my earbuds and go about my business, and let the soothing voices calm me down and remind me that I am safe.

I don’t talk about it much, but I was an advanced certified hypnotist back in the 1990s- I love everything about hypnosis- it calms, soothes, and sinks into your subconscious- where it can really help. It’s a totally passive but incredibly powerful anxiety treatment method.

My sister gave me a great tip and told me to listen to my audios over and over while I’m going off to sleep. She does this every night in her house with a relaxation tape that she loves. (thanks Big Sis!)

I am very, very happy to report that I feel better just 24 hours after re-committing myself to using the anxiety hypnosis downloads I purchased. 😀

What about you? Do you use hypnosis for anxiety when you’re too overwhelmed to read or even sit still? I’d love to hear how this helps you!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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  1. maz says:

    Nice post jilly

    Will look at list of downloads tomorrow have football to watch now

    Glad your feeling better it pains me when you are in trouble

    Onward and upward


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