Support for Panic Attacks- Getting the Help You Need

Reaching out and getting support for panic attacks is an important factor in the recovery process. I remember the chat rooms of the 1990s that gave me so much comfort and help during some very dark times for me. I only knew one person in real life who had panic attack and anxiety.

Fast forward to now and there are lots of great online support groups. Here are 9 Anxiety Disorder Forums that are free to join.

There are so many benefits of joining a group that gives support for panic attacks. Here are just a few:

Universality– you realize that others have the same problems and concerns as you. You don’t feel like you’re the only one. Anxiety tends to make you feel that way, but truly, you’re so not alone.

Installation of Hope– because the group will consist of people in all stages of anxiety recovery, you will have contact with others who have improved  beyond where you are. This is wonderful to see, because you can know for sure that you will get that far too!

Information Sharing– You can share what techniques and strategies have worked for support for panic attacksyou, and learn what works for other anxiety sufferers too.

Altruism & Good Karma– You help yourself by giving support and encouragement to others. Spending some time on a forum or Facebook page for anxiety is a good thing to absorb yourself in.

Familiarity– After being part of a group for awhile, it becomes familiar. Almost like an extended family. You have people who care about you and look forward to interacting with you.

Socializing and Friendship– many of us have also have social anxiety symptoms and triggers, and support groups help us re-learn how to be natural socializing. While being engaged online is not the same as real life, it is still valuable nonetheless. I can say that I now have a nice bunch of online friends whom I truly care about and that I know care about me too. We can relax and joke around and just be ourselves. It’s nice.

Catharsis– the release you get from venting after an anxiety filled day or sharing your joy after having a great day where you kicked your anxiety to the curb cannot be understated. It’s huge. And when we share these things with family or freinds in real life that don’t really get it, it doesn’t  have the same feeling.

Once you commit yourself to coping with anxiety & panic attacks once and for all, getting support can help lighten your load a bit. I used to do all my suffering alone and that was hard. Today I reach out  via Facebook and here on the blog and give encouragement to others who need it. And I ask for help when I need it too.

Regularly checking in here at and leaving comments is also a good way to interact with me and be connected too. Always feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I do read each and every one & try my best to help if I can!

If you are interested, you are welcome to join my Self Help for Anxiety & Panic Attacks Facebook page.

What about you? Do you use group support for panic attacks for getting the help you need?

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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