Panic Attacks Info Tip #6: Know that Fear Will Reappear

Today we continue our series on Panic Attacks Info Tips to help clarify our 10 Rules for Coping with Panic Attacks.

For quick review the 5 previous tips are, are, Tip #1: Expect, Allow, and Accept Your FearTip #2: When Fear Comes, Wait , Tip #3: Focus on the Present, Tip #4: Rate Your Fear, and Tip #5:Function with a Level of Fear

Today’s Panic Attacks Info Tip is: Know that Fear Will Reappear

Recovering from anxiety is not a smooth linear progression, where you figure out what you need to do and then it’s all uphill from there. The reality for most sufferers is that even once you start to get better, you will feel anxious from time to time.

Do not be discouraged if your fear reappears even after you are doing well.

It will recede again, but expect, allow, and accept that it will come back.


This is part of the recovery process. We wish it would just go away once and for all, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. By taking this tip into thoughtful consideration – knowing the fear will reappear- you are not deluding yourself into thinking that anxiety can be turned off at will. If you have suffered with chronic anxiety, you know this simply is not the case.

The good news is this, just because the fear will reappear does not mean you aren’t getting better. You are! You will have wonderful, magnificent, triumphant days. You will have days when you forget you ever even had anxiety. This is the foundation upon which you will go forward. This is getting back to the real essence of you. 🙂

When the fear does come back, look upon it as an opportunity and a challenge to figure out why you’ve had a relapse.

Ask yourself questions such as “Am I keeping up my self help techniques? Do I have additional stress today?”

This happened to me in my last post, where I was stressed and had to deal with anxious thinking on the spot. I dealt with it, and went on to have a good day.

Sometimes the fear and panic comes back for an identifiable reason, and sometimes it’s not so evident. Know that it you’ve suffered from anxiety for any length of time, you hold a lot of these feelings in your memory. Based on that alone, it will pop up from time to time. That is the case with me.

But I remember how well I am doing, that my self help tools really do help me, and that I have made huge progress from my darkest days.

Will fear come today? Let’s hope not, but if it does, it’s not going to control you (and it’s sure as hell not going to control me either).  You now know everything you need to do in order to let it pass.

The more experience you have with fear coming back and seeing it through using the previous tips outlined above, the better. That is how the fear and anxiety start to take a backseat in your life, and the real you can begin to spring forth anew.

You will eventually get to the point where you will have a flash of panic and perhaps be caught off guard for a little bit, but you will soldier on knowing you are in control and that the anxiety is nothing to get excited about. You know it will pass, you have seen it do it’s worse, you know you won’t kill you.

How well you bear and really accept when fear reappears is up to you. It is your choice. You can choose to be discouraged, pissed off, horrified. On the other hand you can be filled with self love, peace, and a little bit of grace. I am still working on that 😉

What do you have to say about this panic attacks info tip of knowing that fear will reappear? Let’s keep the conversation going.

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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3 Responses to Panic Attacks Info Tip #6: Know that Fear Will Reappear

  1. david says:

    another good post Jill. I think everyone has fears. I think it is part of being human.

    I think there are negative influences in our lives that trigger these fears.

    I’m glad you are there with solid info on this topic.

  2. survive says:

    This is 100% great advice on dealing with panic attacks. Its a journey 🙂

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