Self Love Bedtime Reflection

Before going off to sleep, I replay the events of the day through my mind. The times that stand out are examined.

When did I not give the best account of me? Did I feel anxious or angry? Did I complain or gripe?

If so I need to trace these feelings to their beginnings–Are my feelings based in reality, or are they reminders of pieces of me in the past when I did not have self love, self esteem and confidence?

Did I cope with anxiety to the best of my ability today? Whether yes or no, I remind myself how far I’ve come in recovering from it. I can give myself loving thoughts and even a big hug.

Did someone bother me today? Who? What does that say about me? Can I pledge to silently reflection, sunsetbless that person the next time I encounter them and wish them well?

Did I applaud myself for good behavior? Did I steer clear of pettiness, gossip, ill-will, resentments of any sort? Did I go about my business cheerfully? Did I help another person?

Did I make it through an anxious situation and come out ok on the other side?

Can I think upon all the untold number of people that are struggling with anxiety and have compassion for their suffering? Did I remember that I am not alone in this?

Did I remember to have faith and to know that I am being loved and cared for always?

Did I present my best self to the world today? If not, can I give it a fresh try tomorrow?

And now I lay me down to sleep.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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5 Responses to Self Love Bedtime Reflection

  1. david says:

    Hi Jill. This is an awesome way to do self-reflection and as the ancient followers emphasized “self reflection is all so important!

  2. maz says:

    Jill nice one if you can do it. At the moment my mind is like a washing machine full of dirty laundry

    But on reflexion I think I’ll give it a try and make sure I put the good stuff in too

    Night night


    • JillG says:

      Well I appreciate your struggle and know that with your awesome, kind spirit you will continue to triumph over an anxiety. It may get you down once in awhile Maz but it can’t keep you down. You’re too smart and good. xx

  3. Harold says:

    I told myself this year that complaining would be one thing I would try to eliminate. Many people go through worst things as myself, and when i see myself going through small panic attacks I read a few bible scriptures to calm myself down. Different people have ways to stop panic attacks but I’ve found reading to be a very good tool.

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