Bethenny Frankel, Therapy & Success

Bethenny Frankel on Self Magazine, May 2012I was happy to pick up the latest issue of Self Magazine. It’s lovely cover girl is none other than Bethenny Frankel.

Not that I like to admit it, but watching some reality TV programs is one of my guilty pleasures. A few years ago they had the Real Housewives of New York City. Since I used to live in NYC and wanted a sneak peak into these fabulous ladies’ lives, I tuned in a few times.

The story lines were often really catty and it wasn’t great television, so I eventually tuned out. However, Betheny was one of the NY Housewives and I always liked her.

When she got her own spin off show, I watched it. What I like about Bethenny Ever After is that this lady, while growing her business, getting married and raising her daughter, often shows her vulnerable side right on camera.

This is my life. It ain’t always pretty. – Bethenny F.

Specifically, the viewers get a sneak peak into her therapy sessions. She seems to be working on – and doing well with– early abandonment issues, family issues in general, self love, and learning how to grow into her life successfully and happily.

Bethenny is honest about showing her flaws and not using difficulties as an excuse to be anyone’s victim. She is a powerful woman and I applaud her efforts and triumphs.

It’s nice to see a reality show with someone truly being real. It shows us all that anyone can have “issues” and still have a successful and happy life regardless.

You and me included! Cheers to Bethenny and cheers to us!

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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