Stopping Negative Thinking About Yourself

love yourself first

Today we will discuss stopping negative thinking about yourself.

One of the most self defeating behaviors that goes along with anxiety is that often we turn inwards on ourselves and beat ourselves up mentally.

Never Make the Person in the Mirror Your Enemy

I have been guilty of this, and can say for sure that negative thinking about myself has been one of the biggest hurdles that stood in the way of me finally getting better.

If you are not on your side, you can’t expect much from efforts to feel better and get well.

Since I am now very much recovered and no longer a slave to anxiety and panic attacks, I can say with certainty that giving up negative thoughts about yourself & eliminating self-defeating behaviors largely determines how well you do in *your* recovery

Never EVER think less of yourself because you have anxiety.

You are not “less” than anyone.

Having anxiety or panic does not make you a bad or inferior person. You are not a bad friend, mother, father, sister, worker, person or anything like that.

If you feel badly about yourself, how can you possibly expect to believe you can get better? You can’t. You are not even in your own corner fighting for yourself!

Never waste your time feeling angry at yourself for what you couldn’t control.

If you have anxiety or panic attacks in your life, DO NOT waste time being angry and ticked off. It is what it is. You only have so much energy in you.

Anger feels satisfying only in the moment, but it is really like drinking poison. It only hurts you in the long run.

Instead, calmly accept the situation and use your God given energy to go forward with gusto into your recovery from anxiety. Choose to do something about your situation, however always with great respect and love for yourself.

If you have been making bad choices about anything – anxiety included- today you can make a better choice.

If you indulge in behaviors that do not serve you, and that contribute to anxiety and panic attacks, you can choose to eliminate them.

These behaviors include: drinking too much caffeine, drinking alcohol more than you should, taking unprescribed medication or drugs to take the edge off or to escape your feelings. That kind of thing.

You should also take stock of your Diet. You know you feel better and less anxious when you stay away from gluten and refined sugar. And yet, sometimes you just keep on eating all that white flour food and junk. Remember though: this too only feels good while you’re doing it. The byproducts are bloating, anxiety, tension and even panic attacks. (yucko!)

Have you given up on praying or lost some of your faith, even though you know prayer works because you feel better when you pray?

Really Think: What self defeating behaviors can I identify and work on eliminating – even if only in small increments- in order to go forward with my life?

If dealing anxiety has made you feel negatively about yourself, I want you to change it- starting today.

Today you can have loving compassion for yourself and your struggle.

Sit quietly with yourself for a moment and picture yourself in your mind’s eye, with as much love as you have for your son, or your daughter, or your mother, or a beloved pet.

That’s right, send yourself love and support and praise just for being you and for where you are today. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you KNOW that you are getting better and better…

Today you can make a promise to yourself that you will put your anxiety recovery at the top of your to do list:

Promise yourself that you will study about anxiety, you will learn how to gently expose yourself each day to things that hold you back.

Promise yourself that you will keep up with it- through all the ups and downs- because you know the reward is a full life of quality and happiness and joy. 🙂

Today you can smile and choose to feel happy and spread good thoughts and kindness out. This affects you and everyone else around you.

Today you can honor yourself for the person you are. You can affirm to yourself out loud our quietly. For example:

“I am a powerful competent wife, mother, sister, friend, worker. I am loving and kind. I matter to everyone that loves me. I matter to myself.”

Treat yourself with tender loving care, for you certainly deserve it. You have likely suffered a great deal, even at your own hands, by negative thoughts & feelings projected inwards. Today you can give yourself the compassion and love you so need and deserve.

Think highly of yourself at all times. Value yourself as a person, as much as you value the person you love most in this world.

You own your life. Know that you are far more than this silly habit called anxiety. Know that by actively practicing loving self care, you are on the path of wellness and healing.

**Today if you feel anxious, love yourself through the pain. If you feel brave, love yourself for your progress.**

No matter what, hold yourself in the highest regard at all times, and continue to love and support yourself. This helps unblock and release that wonderful healing energy that is alive inside and just waiting to heal you.

Once you hold these truths firmly in your heart and mind,  stopping negative thinking about yourself will start to come easily.

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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