Vogue Magazine Features an Anxiety Success Story

Vogue April 2012I was reading the April 2012 issue of Vogue last weekend. Imagine my surprise when I read an article about one of the contributing fashion editors using the Linden Method– one of the programs I have used myself and recommend for overcoming panic attacks.

Plum Skyes, a well known English fashionista and socialite, struggled for 3 years with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

Around the birth of her 2nd child, Skyes was plagued with inner ear problems that manifested in dizziness which turned into full fledged panic attacks and agoraphobia. She became incapacitated for 2 or 3 years- being too anxious and dizzy to work or socialize. She was unable to pursue her passion for horseback riding, and struggled with feelings of going mad every day as she mothered her 2 small children.

Since her own mother had also suffered with anxiety, Skyes was convinced her problem was genetic. “The change I needed to make from quivering wreck to normal person was so vast it would surely take years.”

She happened upon Charles Linden and his Linden Anxiety and Recovery Retreat at the Elm’s Hotel and Spa in Worcester, England on the suggestion of 2 of her close friends who had gone there and claimed to be cured. (I’d read a blog about a husband who had sent his wife to this very retreat- it seemingly costs a few thousand dollars for a short stay.)

The goal of the program was to help retrain the brain with new healthy behaviors and undo the distorted thinking that is the hallmark of the anxiety habit.

Specifically, Skyes was instructed to stay completely occupied, and have a timetable for every half hour of every day. She was kept so busy her mind didn’t have time to wander into anxious thoughts.

We talk about this a lot here at PanicFreeMe.com- how being busy and staying occupied is such a vital component of getting out of the chronic anxiety state.

While staying at this retreat center and getting one-on-one therapy is out of the financial reach of most people, this method is exactly what is taught in the home study version and helps the anxious person to feel better in just a few days.

It’s really nice to see the Linden Method, one of the anxiety elimination programs I have used myself, being given some good press and a thumbs up by Vogue Magazine.

It was also pretty neat to read about a real life “famous person” putting themselves out there and admitting they have panic attacks and anxiety. I have often felt that it would do anxious people a world of good to have a celebrity spokesperson.

Can you imagine the research and awareness a famous face would help to raise on behalf of suffering anxious people? Think Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s Disease or Christopher Reeve for spinal cord injuries.

While anxiety doesn’t kill and disable people in the traditional sense, it certainly does ruin lives and causes so much needless suffering.

So hat’s off to Plum Skyes for bravely putting herself out there publicly. She reports feeling great even one year after her retreat. I wish her continued success and happiness.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

ps.– For more information on the Linden Method, please see my Linden Method review.

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