I Used Panic Away to Face Anxiety Attack Triggers

anxiety attack triggersHere are my updates on anxiety attack triggering events I have recently attended. I used Panic Away on only half my usual dose of Klonopin, and am very happy with the results.

Going to Church

Last weekend I went to church alone. Church has been a huge panic attack trigger for me since my teen years.  I took the day as it came and chose not to dwell on the fact that I was going to go to 5 o’clock mass.  This was a very welcome change.  In the past I could ruin my whole day obsessing over a panic triggering event. When it came time to go, I did feel anxious, but also determined.

I chose to sit about 2/3 back from the front and I planted myself in the middle of a row. My usual spot is the very back row on the end, as close to the exit as possible.

There were more people at mass than I expected. By the time mass started, there were 3 people on each side of me.  This for me was the perfect storm. I was completely “trapped” – from a panic disorder way of thinking.

I did feel very anxious at two points during the mass, but here I used the 21 Second Countdown technique.  I did it successfully and was able to sit through the entire mass.

I even went to communion, something I never do. I actually wasn’t even planning on going. It’s just that at that point I was feeling very confident and I was also armed with the knowledge and reassurance I learned in Panic Away.  So I decided to give it a go. I was astonished and delighted with my progress 🙂

I have to say, when I got home, I was on cloud nine. Such a feeling of freedom, freedom from panic!  Using the One Move, I was actually able to stop panic attacks from occurring, right when I was on the brink of an attack.  Even better, when I did start to panic in church, I immediately used the Panic Away 21/7 technique and it made the panic attack go away.  I don’t know how else to say it.  It was wild, weird, wonderful, and it worked! 🙂

I intend to keep going to church every weekend as a great testing ground for learning how to stop panic attacks using Panic Away.

Be the topic leader at the new Al-Anon meeting

For this anxiety attack trigger, I have to say I was not as successful. I did have very severe anxiety symptoms at one point. My heart was racing, hands were sweating and shaking, face was flushed, the whole nine yards. The meeting proceeded without missing a beat, but I didn’t feel good about how I felt during it.

I know exactly why this event was not as successful for me as going to church– I didn’t review the essential points of Panic Away beforehand.  I was pressed for time and simply ran out the door. By white knuckling my anxiety through the meeting, I was going completely against what I’d learned and doing things my old way.  Big no-no.

Note To Self: Continue to study Panic Away and the 21/7 technique so as not go back to my old distorted way of thinking 😉

Attending the Confirmation orientation

I attended the Confirmation orientation held in our church with no trouble at all. Even better was that I didn’t spend my entire day obsessing over the event. This time I knew enough to review the materials well in advance. This had 2 benefits, it freed up my day from obsessing about it, and I was able to successfully employ the One Move when needed.

Once there, it wasn’t as crowded as I’d expected. I had a few small twinges of anxiety, but nothing near the level I used to experience before I learned the 21/7 method.   My social anxiety was very triggered since I knew many of the other parents in attendance. Well I sat it out, made small talk, and enjoyed being calm during a boring event. So this orientation was a success!

The high school orientation for parents and students hasn’t happened yet, and I also didn’t get together with my neighbor yet (due to crazy scheduling).

All in all, I am really loving Panic Away.  Facing my anxiety attack triggers is a very unusual and… dare I say it (fun?) adventure. It is certainly exciting in a healthy way, that’s for sure. It really has given me a new lease on life!

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I Wish You Peace,
Jill G.

ps. If you suffer from panic disorder and are wondering just how to stop panic attacks, I urge you to give this wonderful program a try. It was easy to learn and super easy to use. You will love it!  Here is my full and honest Panic Away review.

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