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Looking for natural remedies for anxiety and stress? PureCalm is a natural herbal supplement made from flowers that “Works quickly to facilitate a calmed mood and soothed nerves.”

I was surprised that it came in a liquid with a dropper on the top of the bottle because the picture on the Native Remedies site doesn’t show the dropper. Also on the image it says 50 ml and my bottle is 60ml (10 ml more than shown, a full 2 ounces). I’ll take the extra, thanks! 🙂

It cost $34.95 On the back it says there are 118 servings. That comes out to about 30 cents per dose. doing the math made me feel better about the purchase. 😉

It came packaged very well in a box and wrapped securely in bubble wrap.

It’s a dark brown liquid and the taste is not medicinal (like Rescue Remedy, which tastes like pure alcohol). It tastes like dark honey and prunes.

My goal is always to be able to do things freely in my life without taking additional anxiety medication, as well as seek out effective ways to decrease stress. To that end I was eager to try this and give my PureCalm review.

purecalm 60ml
Here are 2 recent examples where I put Pure Calm to the test:

1. Last week I was getting ready to go into work. I work the evening shift, so I get all my errands, cooking, etc done for the day before I go in. Then I relax in front of the TV for about a half hour while I wait for my daughter to get home from school. Once she gets home I leave for work.

This day was very rushed and I while I was watching TV I noticed how I couldn’t really calm down. I still felt stressed out from being rushed all day. I took a dropper-ful of PureCalm and let it do its thing. Within just a few minutes I felt very relaxed. It was so nice. I wasn’t buzzed or altered in any way, I just didn’t have that tensed up stress feeling anymore. I drove into work feeling calm and ok.

Example #2

Yesterday morning (a Sunday) I woke up early and planned to do all my housework since the day before I got called into work. So at 9am I was on a roll with laundry and getting ready to make breakfast as the kids would be awake any minute. For some stupid reason I decided right at that moment to take an online test for work (a mandatory education thing).

I freaked out when I realized this was “official” and once I was done it would be submitted. I hadn’t studied and was just taking it blind. To say I was stressed in that moment is putting it very lightly.

So the kids will be expecting Sunday breakfast in like 2 minutes, I’m in between laundry and have to get my uniforms out of the dryer so they wont wrinkle, my husband keeps running into the kitchen excitedly talking about his weekend project (planting for the vegetable garden) and I’m taking a graded 60 question online test that I didn’t even study for, and can’t back out of.

In a moment of clarity I went to the cupboard and reached for my PureCalm. I took a dropper-full and thought, I can definitely use this now.

I went back to the test just as my husband came into the kitchen (yet again) and asked if I wanted eggplant and peas this year. The dryer beeped signalling my uniforms were dry and ready to be taken out and hung up.

After hanging up the uniforms I went back to the computer and noticed to my surprise and delight, I didn’t feel overwhelmed and freaked out anymore. I felt calm and in control again. It was such a soothing, peaceful feeling. I don’t know how else to describe it.

My stress level went from frantic to completely dissipated in a matter of abut 10 minutes. It was a much more pleasant scenario after that. I only got a 78 on the test, but oh well! 😉

I am a recovering anxious person, a wife and working mother and I am often burning my candle at both ends. I admit I get stressed out easily, and that’s why using an herbal supplement like Pure Calm is a no-brainer for me.

I would much rather go for something safe and natural than reaching for a Xanax, which is what I used to do.

I read the Pure Calm reviews online and some reviewers say it works for sleep. I haven’t used it for that specifically, I’ve used it for when my stress and anxiety levels are off the charts. So happy it works!

If you’ve been thinking about trying a natural herbal remedy for anxiety and stress and want to use something that really works, take it from me and give Pure Calm a try.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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6 Responses to Pure Calm Review

  1. maz says:

    I need a bottle now. Do you take along with your medication

    Maz xx

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  3. Mike says:

    Interesting review, thank you for that. Does it state which herbs and flowers are used to create this mix?

    • JillG says:

      Mike, according to the manufacturer: PureCalm is a 100% herbal formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Lavender, Lemon balm, and Passion flower.

  4. Maria says:

    Do you know if it is safe to take while nursing?

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