Diet Tip to Prevent Anxiety in Children

anxiety in children, diet tipDid you know you can diminish the risk of anxiety in children by keeping your kids away from junk food?

Evidently it’s true. I was reading through my current issue of Family Circle and came upon this interesting tidbit:

Teens who steer clear of junk food aren’t just thinner– they’re also less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. In a new study, kids who ate at least 2 fruit and 4 veggie servings each day and avoided fast foods, sweets and soda were less likely to show symptoms of mental health problems. Researchers believe sugar and saturated fat may be damaging to the immune system, which in turn can raise the risk for psychiatric issues.

Source: Family Circle, Feb 2012, p.92

My children ate very healthy diets when they were young- it was easy when they were little, because I fed them everything they ate. We had very little processed junk in the house. I was proud that they didn’t drink soda and only rarely had a Happy Meal.

And then they started to grow up.

My teenage daughter is a full blown junk food junkie. (My little one is a little better but she likes to copy her big sister.) It is a struggle to get my teen to eat her veggies anymore. Fruit is not as hard a battle, but she would never choose fruit if given a choice.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to cut down the junk foot that’s available in my house. I can’t control what they eat when they’re not home, but juice boxes are being replaced with bottled water.

I also picked up teen multivitamins, which she my daughter does take every day. Here is a link for them on if your grocery store doesn’t carry them.

I’m happy to say there are fresh vegetables on the dinner table (almost) every night. And I am giving my daughters sliced bananas or apples with peanut butter as after school snacks. So far so good. 😉

Thankfully dealing with anxiety in children hasn’t been a huge problem in our house. But since I have anxiety, it is in my children’s best interest to eat as healthy a diet as I can trick them into.

It’s nice to know that simple things like healthy choices in diet can help decrease the risk of anxiety in children. Pass this tip along!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

The Anxiety Free Child Program

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