Do You Have Driving Anxiety? Here’s a Solution…

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer with driving anxiety, help is now at hand.

Driving anxiety, or driving phobia, is intense fear or even panic attacks when you are behind the wheel of a car. Some people are so uncomfortable at the prospect of driving, they avoid it all costs. Or they only drive on certain roads, or at certain times of the day, or only when absolutely necessary.

Does this sound like you? Do your car trips end before they even start because you feel horrible anxiety symptoms like a racing heart, sweaty palms, tension headaches, and scary thoughts about what might happen on the road?

If so, then The Driving Peace Program is definitely a solution for you.

Driving Peace program

Driving Peace is a program developed by a Greg Weber, a man who suffered tremendously from driving anxiety. He was able to help himself, and now, in conjunction with a renowned anxiety expert, Dr. Andrew Cunningham, he can help you too.

As I hope you know by now, I do not endorse gimmicks, methods that do not work, nor do I want my readers to waste their time or money. Which is why I reviewed this program myself to see if I thought it was up to snuff for my readers.

I have to say, I was impressed with the caliber of this program. I thought the format was effective (downloadable audios that you can take with you- even while you practice driving), and the price was reasonable at only $27.

The Driving Peace Program is basically a four part series of Greg interviewing Dr. Cunningham. In it, you are taught about the basics of driving anxiety, why you have it, and what it takes to overcome it. You learn how to use the concept of mindfulness- that is- being in the here and now, instead of living in the scary world of your imagination.

You are taught how to relax with a simple, effective guided meditation- which is perfect to use before getting into the car. Note: Do NOT use the guided meditation while driving.

The good news is, driving anxiety is HIGHLY treatable.

This program is not a lot of useless hype, smoke and mirrors, nor does it claim to be a magic bullet for curing driving anxiety. It is a very logical, common sense approach to overcoming driving anxiety step by step.

I liked listening to the audios and easy back and forth- with the doctor explaining concepts and strategies to use, and Greg asking questions and clarifying key points.

Who is the Driving Peace Program for?

If you find your life really restricted due to driving anxiety, if you simply cannot relax when you have to drive, this program is for you. Let me ask, do you have problems with any of the following:

  • Wondering if your kids will notice your anxiety?
  • Anxiety when passing cars on the highway?
  • Anxiety or panic attacks at stop signs as cars pile up behind you?
  • Anxiety when big trucks are on the road with you?

Now let me ask you this…Do you feel your life is restricted because of your driving phobia? Do you feel embarrassed because you know your fear is not rational? Do you wish it could be better but don’t know what to do?

If this describes your situation, then you would definitely benefit from the Driving Peace program.

This is a scientific program- it is based in science (cognitive behavioral therapy) and research and Dr. Cunningham’s proven track record of success in treating anxious drivers. That said, it is not difficult to understand or implement.


The only downside I found were that the 4 audio downloads are titled Driving Peace Part I, II, III, and IV. It would have been helpful to have descriptions of the content of the audios. For example, Part II is about clarifying what is true and what is not, challenging irrational thoughts about driving, and the psychology of driving anxiety.

But will this program work for me?

You will start to feel better right away, but the real success will happen over a span of weeks or months. You must work this program in order to see results. You do have to stay motivated and actually practice your new skills. And the three free bonus reports are for just that purpose- to track your progress, keep you moving forward, and see your development over time.

In Conclusion

If your life is constricted because of driving anxiety and you want a simple, effective program to help you get back behind the wheel with calm confidence, get Driving Peace today.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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