Thankful Thursday Vol.4

It’s been a long time coming people. We haven’t had one in awhile. The week started out like crap on my end, so what could be a better time for…..Thankful Thursday!!

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude always helps ease your burden, and that certainly includes dealing with stupid anxiety! Being thankful makes you focus on good things, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in the process.

Ok let’s dive right in…

Today I am Thankful for all these things and more:

1. Peace & Calm

As I mentioned, my week started out pretty cruddy. I was irritable and impatient to the point where I was scaring myself. On Monday I was in the grocery store pushing my cart around like I was possessed. I was boiling over with anger because everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion and I was moving at warp speed, trying to navigate my way around the store…

It was when I was at the Valentine’s candy display and some elderly lady had the nerve to be standing there talking to her husband with her cart right in front of the Whitman’s Sampler. I was audibly huffing and puffing and I felt my face turning red. My heart was racing and I was shaking. I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin and shout:


It was crazy. I could feel internally how this surge of angry adrenalin could very easily morph into anxiety, and the prospect scared the hell out of me.

After the grocery store, I had to deal with more indignities while waiting in line at the bank, dealing with slow drivers, and dealing with the (probably high) teenaged receptionist at the auto body shop who couldn’t understand what I was asking her to do.

Crazed Jill: Could you please look at this estimate from the dealer and let me know if you guys can do better, price wise?

Teenage Receptionist:

Crazed Jill:
I had my car seen at the dealership and the cost of repairs is worth more than the car. We’re trying to decide if it’s worth it to have it repaired at this point. Can you have a look at this estimate and let me know if you can give us a better price?

Teenage Receptionist: Uh…Where’s the car?

Crazed Jill:
(blood pressure rising, heart rate way up) I’m driving the car. It’s right outside.

Teenage Receptionist:
Like, are you leaving it here?

Crazed Jill:
(want to jump over counter and strangle her) No, I’m driving it. I just wanted you to have a look at this estimate and call me once you could come up with a price for the work.

Teenage Receptionist: Hu?

It just kept going like that. I felt like I was going to explode like a pinata but I ended up leaving the estimate with the receptionist and just jelloed my way out of there. I wrote down my husband’s contact information for her, and we have not heard one word from these people, not a peep.

My day just kept going like that. I was so pms’ing and the emotions I was feeling were so intense, disturbingly so. Everything was a big deal. I wanted to scream, cry, pull my hair out, etc.

THANK GOD it passed. And Thank God I didn’t have to work that day. It was hard enough just being alive and doing little things that day. If I had to handle work and being professional, responsible, etc. it would have been a nightmare.

By the time evening rolled around I was so exhausted. I wanted to crawl into bed, but at least I didn’t feel like killing anyone anymore.

I know I need to work on my anxiety, stress and anger management issues. And I also know my anger is somehow connected to fear. But for today, I am just so grateful the feelings passed.

2. I am grateful for exercise

When I woke up the next day, I knew I had to get to the gym. I didn’t feel like it, but I forced myself to go and break a good sweat. Exercise is so good for stress and anxiety, and I knew whatever came my way that day, I would be better able to handle it if I exercised first.

It worked. My head was in a good space, and this served me well later in the day when I had a very clinically complicated patient later at work.

3. I am so thankful for our wonderful anxiety success stories!

We had our first 2 this week, from Patti W. and Terra, and if you haven’t already, I hope you will read them and see how well others are bearing their anxiety.

I love to hear how well you are doing. Sharing your strength and hope is healing and encouraging for all of us!:D

4. Holy Basil Tea is catching on!

Zoe from ToughWords recently started drinking Holy Basil Tea and she loves it! I’m so glad she started using it. It made her feel calm during the most stressful week of her month. I’m telling you people, this stuff works.

Like Zoe. I sip Holy Basil Tea, or take a Holy Basil Capsule before going into work or other potential panic attack situations. Its all natural, non- addictive, and much better than reaching for another Xanax, or Valium, or Ativan, etc.

If you haven’t already, you must give it a try!

5. Special Birthday Wishes!

Maz, one of the most devoted readers and commenters here, celebrates her birthday today! I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you she’s 39 again! Here friends at work surprised her with flowers which she so deserves.

She sent me a picture of her beautiful cake all the way from England. Here is is, have a slice!! Happy Birthday sweet Maz! <3

You know, coping with anxiety can feel so lonely, but look here- look how much Maz is loved. Don’t we all have good things like that in our lives??

Ok friends, Happy Thankful Thursday to all of you!! Please think about what you are grateful for today, and if you can share, I’d love to hear it! Have a wonderful day!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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One Response to Thankful Thursday Vol.4

  1. maz says:

    Aw bless you my friend I am so luck I found you best birthday pressy ever

    Luv to you and all of our fellow playmates

    Maz xxx

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