Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment That Works

Do you suffer from extreme nervousness and anxiety at the thought of doing everyday things? Things as simple as going to a PTA meeting or the grocery store? Or even your daughter’s soccer game? This is social anxiety and it is not the same as everyday nervousness.

The crazy thing is, it didn’t used to be like this. There was a time when you could do all these things. You could play in the softball game, go to the neighborhood barbecue, or sit in church without any trouble at all. In fact, you probably never even thought much about doing these things.

Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, you had a severe panic attack.  Since then, these simple things that you used to take for granted have become major sources of stress and anxiety for you. In social anxiety disorder treatmentfact, sometimes you dread the thought of panicking in public so much that you just say Forget It! and stay home instead.  But somehow, when you don’t go, you feel somehow worse. Like somehow the anxiety has got the better of you.

Does This Sound Familiar?  Well you’re not alone.  Read on:

About 13.3 percent of the general population may meet criteria for social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, according to the highest survey estimate, with the male:female ratio being 2:3. Source:

I started to feel socially anxious in high school.  By then I was experiencing frequent panic attacks.  With social anxiety disorder, I was acutely afraid that others could see that I was so nervous and worse, that they were judging me harshly.

My social anxiety progressed into my college years. It got to a point where it was so bad that I had a hard time making eye contact with people.  These years were extremely difficult to endure because this disorder went untreated. Left untreated, social anxiety usually gets worse over time.

On some level, I always knew that the triggers for my social anxiety were not in and of themselves, really dangerous to me. In fact, up until 9th grade, I was very outgoing.  I was active in cheerleading, school plays, student government, and the folk group at my church.  By the end of 9th grade, I could do none of these things, and dropped out of all activities.

The fact that the things that I used to love now caused me so much distress was heartbreaking to me.  I wanted the real Jill back, not this new, panicky, cowardly person I seemed to have become.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment that Really Works

The good news is that social anxiety can be treated successfully.  Even better, it doesn’t have to take years of costly therapy. For far too long I felt I was at the mercy of doctors who didn’t really understand me or what I was going through. As a result, I was often under or over medicated, and forced to endure the side effects of these medications. These costly alternatives were merely band aids.  I was never really helped or cured.

The advent of the internet has been a real blessing for me. I have found social anxiety disorder treatment on the internet that really works. With the methods I have used, I can now do all the things I once feared. The nice thing is I don’t take take simple things for granted anymore. The other side of social anxiety has been real joy. I finally got the real Jill back, and it feels wonderful!

You deserve to live a life of quality, without the burden of social anxiety.  If you’re ready to try a method that has proven results since 2001, and that I use myself, I urge you to try Panic Away. I am so very pleased with the results, and I know it can do the same for you as well. Take control of your social anxiety today. You’re worth it 😉

I wish you peace,

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  1. Good advice. I personally suffered from social phobias. I was afraid to speak up in meetings for fear that people would think my comments were stupid. I engaged the help of a psychologist to help me develop some techniques to overcome that fear.

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