Wouldn’t It Be Nice?…

yay puppy!I just returned from running errands. One of my stops was at the vet’s office to pick up Buddy’s eye medicine. The girls that work there are so super nice. And any time I go there they have kitties and beautiful talking parrots and dogs just walking around.

Today behind the counter was a wiggly chocolate lab puppy!

She was adorable and wagging her tail so hard and giving everyone kisses. She loved me up so bad I forgot why I came. 🙂 I left there with such a smile on my face. And it made me think…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have puppies or kitties or any kind of animal you love at work with you? To help you through the rough spots and just pure calm you down?

From an anxiety perspective I can’t even imagine how nice that would be:

Hey, feeling like crap? Dealing with nasty people? Having massive social anxiety symptoms? Take 2 minutes to let the puppy shower you with love and kisses.

That’s what these girls at the vets office have- and instant anxiety zapper right behind the counter with them.

Think all those rich people that walk around with mini dogs in their purses are really suffering from anxiety and using their dogs as anxiety self help tools to help them on their recovery?

Nah, me neither… 😉

Still… Wondering how I can sneak a puppy into my purse to take with me to work at the hospital…lol

I wish you puppies and peace,

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