Today I Choose Happiness

Today I choose happiness. There I said it. 🙂 I had a rough week at work and at least 2 very near misses with panic attacks because my stupid social anxiety kicked up real bad. I didn’t know how to feel about it as the week ensured, and I was tempted to be outraged and ticked off, but today I am choosing happiness.

I refuse to feel like a victim of anxiety today. Instead I am redoubling my efforts to be nice to others and put out positive energy. This can only help serve me as I continue to work on coping with panic attacks and anxiety.

Chronic anxiety and panic attacks is not something anyone would ever ask for, but since it is in your life, why not takes steps to help yourself and get better? Why not choose happiness to make it easier?

Love yourself more than you hate your anxiety. Be compassionate and gentle with your anxiety recovery, and know that each day you try, you win.

Yesterday 2 amazing things happened that make me realize it was time to choose happiness. First, I read this yesterday in one of my work emails and it blew me away:

Help me to be less afraid to trust the voice inside — in the deepest part of me.

Anxiety is treatable, it responds very well to self help measures. I for one am living proof of this. Throw in a little bit of gratitude and happiness and, well, the sky’s the limit, if you ask me. 🙂

I still have bad days, I still get panic attacks (as you all know, because I tell you about each and every one, lol), but today I know the anxiety symptoms are bullshit. The feelings aren’t facts, and they don’t reflect who I am as a person. And I know I am getting better.

Today I Choose Happiness

You are powerful beyond measure. Anxiety may have beat you to a pulp and given you low self esteem, but the real you is still alive and well inside. And I’m here with you in the trenches. Believe me, if I can get better, so can you. Little by little.

Here is the other amazing thing that happened:

Yesterday I met the most beautiful man.
He was one of my patients and had just come out from his surgery. He was around 80 years old and his body was riddled with scars from open heart surgery and several bowel surgeries from bowel cancer. He had also recently had a health crisis that caused him to be hospitalized for over 40 days.

I meet a lot of people in my line of work who are in poor health, but this man had such a sparkle in his eyes. He was happy and grateful to have come out of his surgery, and he could not do enough to thank the doctor and staff for his care.

He was curious to know when he could get back to normal activities. “I know I don’t look it,” he said, “but I like to work out with my weights every day and I love to go golfing too.”

He was really engaging and funny as hell. He used a lot of humor, saying how good looking he was and how lucky his wife was to have him. They’d been married for 60 plus years, etc. His happiness was absolutely contagious!

I just so admire naturally positive people, and also people who seem to be happy-go-lucky like he was, so I asked him, “How did you learn to be so happy? Were your parents like this?” I also said, “You have been through a heck of a lot my friend, a lesser man would be dead by now.”

His answer was also pretty awesome. I’m paraphrasing badly but it went something like this:

Well I’m an alcoholic. I stopped drinking at age 30, but if I don’t stay positive and happy every day, I’m a goner. I will go back to drinking and for what I put my sweetheart through, I won’t do that.


I’m a simple man so whatever comes out of my mouth my ears hear it and I believe it. So I try to be happy.

Is that awesome or what? Was this man super human? To bear his troubles with such fortitude and good will, it just blew me away. It also put me into a good perspective about my own life and struggles with anxiety.

I believe God puts people in our lives to send us messages. Some people call them angels. And I believe this man was one of them.

If this 80 year old man who had quite literally been through hell and was probably near the end of his life can have a great outlook, cheerful attitude and choose happiness, then surely I can too.

Yesterday I decided to stop any recent lame excuses I might have for not being happy and positive and live better. Starting now! 🙂

How can I Choose Happiness today? Here’s 23 ideas:happy baby

-Stop Googling your latest anxiety symptoms
-get off the computer
-dance around the kitchen
-force yourself to smile
-go outside
-pet a doggy or a kitty
-contemplate somethign beautiful in nature, like a tree or a flower
-buy yourself a little present
-or buy a present for someone else
-give yourself a foot rub
-write a love letter to yourself
-rent a movie that will make you laugh out loud
-call someone and ask how they’re doing
-put on your headphones and vacuum
-bake yourself something yummy
-be nice to the people you live with
-plant some seeds
-pull some weeds
-create a vision board with old magazines
-paint your toenails
-talk to your kids and listen
-talk to your partner and listen

Please choose happiness. Whether anxiety is kicking your butt or not, it will help make a big difference. 🙂

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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4 Responses to Today I Choose Happiness

  1. maz says:

    Wow that is awesome I wish I had an ounce of his courage and you are lucky he touched your life. I wish him a speedy recovery so he can do what he wants with happiness

    Love the list of things to do and I think I’m gonna choose happiness also it beats the he’ll out of anxiety

    You also reminded me to be kind to myself

    You are my angel because you remind me what to do when my brain is in scramble road

    Your a true friend

    Maz xxx

  2. Zoe says:

    Beautiful story! His wife is a lucky lady for sure.
    I keep reading about vision boards…. perhaps it’s time to start one 🙂

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