Visualize and Affirm Your Way To Success

The free self esteem ebook download from my last post got me thinking about digging a little deeper into using visualizations and positive affirmations to help with overcoming panic attacks and anxiety. As you may know I’ve been feeling more anxious than usual lately.

In addition to feeling on edge because of my dog attacking another dog a, there are a few other things going on. For one, it’s almost summer and soon the days will be looong and scorching hot. I get summer holiday anxiety every year and it does take a good week or two to acclimate myself to the light, the heat, and being home for long periods of time with the kids. Lastly I have an important job interview tomorrow and I have a lot of feelings related to that.

I’ve been running around with my anxiety at around a level 4 ( on a scale of 1 to 10). What does this mean? My thinking is really distorted and things that usually don’t bother me have been making me crazy.

Here is a peak inside my brain from 2 days ago when I was letting my stinking negative thinking get the best of me:

Jill’s thoughts:
I really want to go to that kickboxing class, but what if that new teacher is there who embarrassed me last week? I’m scared. I feel weird, the lights are so bright in here. Oh crap, the class is starting late (again!) and everyone is standing around talking. I hate this. Oh no, there’s my two cliquey neighbors, Sally and Jane…I can’t go over there, I can’t talk, I can’t stand up, I’m gonna panic, what if I fall over? Where’s the bathroom??…..Damn it!

Jill’s actions:
I was completely overwhelmed because of my thoughts and my anxiety symptoms increased as a result, so I turned around and proceeded to leave. My thoughts defeated me and I forgot everything I usually do. At the last minute, I went to a spin class instead. PS- I felt like crap for the rest of the day because I didn’t stand up to my fears and let them get the best of me. 🙁

It’s time to buck up and do something about my anxiety

Today is a perfect day to do visualizations and positive affirmations for anxiety 🙂 In fact I already started. Let’s walk through my day so far and you can take a sneak peak right into what good things I’ve been feeding my brain today…

Jill’s thoughts:
I see myself having a wonderful workout in my spin class today. I feel so good to be taking care of my body. I am relaxed and in control at all times. I am having a happy and calm day today. I fully engage with the present moment. I am pleasant and friendly to everyone I meet today!

Jill’s actions:
Went to the spin class. Sweated my butt off 🙂

Jill’s thoughts during spin class:

I bless myself today. I send blessing to my husband (picture his face) and wish him a wonderful day. I send blessings to my daughter Sam (picture her face) and wish her a wonderful day….(Continue visualizing family members and friends and neighbors and people I work with and blessing them one by one)..

A quick tip here…

When you feel anxious, it really helps to take the focus off you. That’s why I’m blessing everyone I know. I’m putting goodness out into the universe and visualizing faces, instead of focusing on symptoms, or how I felt yesterday, or what that one said to me, etc.

Once the spin class was over, I felt like I was floating on air. I felt so incredibly peaceful and happy. I actually was wishing I could run into some cliquey neighbors. I knew I was in control of my feelings, not the other way around. 🙂

I am going to continue to visualize myself succeeding in all my actions today. As a result, I am going to have a peaceful and anxiety free day. I will continue to do this every time I think about it. I will visualize and affirm myself into a calmer state.

What will I do if my anxiety gets the best of me again?

The short answer is- it won’t. Now that I am actively working on controlling self defeating thoughts, I am putting myself in a better place emotionally. One where I can think clearly and rationally and use my program to get me out of any panic inducing situations.

Now on to the groceries and the rest of this wonderful day 🙂

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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