I Can Help You With Your Anxiety

When you suffer with panic attacks and anxiety, it’s easy to feel like no one understands you. No one really gets it. Your friends or family may listen but you know they can’t possibly comprehend the sheer hell you go through. Doctors can be frustrating because they treat you like you’re a nuisance, or even worse, like you’re crazy. I know I’ve felt that way.

When I first discovered the author Claire Weekes and her amazing teachings in the 1980’s, it was if God was finally answering my prayers. I was plagued with panic attacks and anxious thoughts at the time and nothing, not counseling, and not medication, was making it better.

I felt completely baffled, overwhelmed, and utterly alone. My world was shrinking because I was afraid of so many things. The more I had panic attacks, the more I avoided specific situations. At this low point, I was even afraid to walk down the street.

Dr. Weekes Got It, plain and simple. She taught me how to help myself. I have read her books so many times the pages have yellowed and just about every page is dog eared and has my scribblings in the margins. Over the years, I learned to incorporate her teachings into a simple anxiety self help method to help me confront my anxious thoughts and panic attacks. I used this method over and over and over until it became second nature.

Today I’d like to share my simple anxiety self help method with you. I can help you with your anxiety- precisely because I have lived with my own anxiety since age 7, and I have learned how to stop panic attacks with this simple method.

If you listen to these simple self help audios and follow along with the workbook, you will learn not only what to do in the midst of a panic attack, but how to diminish anxious feelings as they arise, often diffusing the panic on the spot.

This method is what works for me, and I know it can work for you too.

There’s no sense in feeling restricted by anxiety, or losing months and years to your fears. I did that and believe me, it’s no way to live. You deserve a better way, you deserve a full life of quality, and with the Anxiety Self Help Road Map, you will be well on your way to that life.

It can get you out of being stuck and give you some direction – a simple road map to follow- to get you out of the cycle of anxiety.

Simple Anxiety Self Help Road Map

 What people are saying:

“I did as you said w/ the audio, and I’ve reduced the Xanax by at least 50%. You did an incredible thing by making the audio! Thank you!”  Elise D., mom of three

“I can’t say enough good things about this simple, trustworthy, and effective program for finally getting rid of the anxiety that has kept me in knots for so many years. I am 60 years old, and I seem to have suffered from anxiety since at least the age of puberty. I recommend this for everyone who seriously suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.” Bea M.

I look forward to helping you take that first step out of the vicious cycle of anxiety and to the other side- to Recovery, where life is sweet. 🙂

If you’re ready to learn to take control of your anxiety, instead of letting anxiety control you, click below and get started today…

I wish you peace,

“It couldn’t have come at a better time as I was really overwhelmed with my anxiety today to the point where I just couldn’t bring it down to a manageable level. Well after skimming the book I listened to the 2 audios and it was like magic they brought me off the ceiling and back to calm for that I cannot thank you enough Jill.

I am going to follow this plan every day without fail because all of the programme’s I have tried so far and let me tell you I’ve lost count in my desperation of how many I’ve tried I have never been calmed down so quickly This has really given me hope on one of my very dark days. I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat.” – Maz

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Starting Today!

Simple Anxiety Self Help Road Map

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