Are You Less Anxious in the Fall?

It’s finally fall! I love fall for so many reasons- the chilly morning air, the breathtaking scenery, apple picking (and making my homemade apple pie!), raking the leave, wearing cozy sweaters…

Another reason I love fall is that I always feel much less anxious than summer.

Something about the brightness and extreme heat of summer make me feel a bit unnerved, and I always find myself looking forward to the fall.

Plus the kids are back in school on a schedule and zoning on the computer and nagging me because they’re ‘bored’.

I know some people don’t like the fact that it gets darker earlier, but I happen to find it comforting. I guess there’s something I find ‘safe’ about darkness.

I was chatting on some anxiety forums yesterday and found other people feel this way about fall too.

Are the symptoms of your anxiety disorder worse during hot weather? You may not be imagining it. When your body becomes too hot, you may experience symptoms similar to those of an anxiety disorder. If you do not take care of yourself when the weather is hot, you may find your anxiety symptoms escalating.  source:

I actually get so happy in the fall I go a little crazy decorating the outside of my house. I hang fall garland all over the front porch. I make an arrangement in the front yard with hay and an old scarecrow and some pumpkins.

🙂 Man do I love fall!! (happy dance!) 🙂

What about you? Do you do better anxiety-wise in the fall than in the summer?  Are you less nervous in the fall like me? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

ps. This cool air is so wonderful and easy to breathe too!

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  1. MT says:

    I, too, am more relaxed in the fall. and I look forward to the dark evenings when I can hole up and do things I love like just sit and read, knit, sew. I don’t feel obligated to go out and do something. Summer is too frenzied for me.

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