How to Handle Panic Attacks in Public

In this video, Angela shares a great tip for how to handle panic attacks in public. She demonstrates how you can discreetly excuse yourself and use a bathroom and then just hold yourself for 2 minutes.

Stroke your head, rock yourself, focus on your breathing, and tell yourself positive affirmations.

This is re-parenting your inner child, and it really works. You reassure yourself that you’re going to be ok and that the feelings will pass.

She also makes a really good point- taking a 2 minute time out to do a little self comforting in the privacy of a bathroom is so much easier than agonizing in public with terrorizing feelings of anxiety.

Way to go, Angela. This is anxiety self help at it’s best- accepting your situation completely, not denying it, and doing something positive in the moment to make it better.

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

ps. Angela is an advocate for violence against women.

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