Jobs for Panic Attack Sufferers

I found an interesting question on Yahoo Answers recently:

What are suitable jobs for panic attack suffers?
I am terrified and can not function. I am on medication, but now pressure is on since I have not been able to work. I need a job, but I am so terrified.

Amazingly, the best answer given was this:

Something with very low stress and probably where you don’t deal much with people

This got me thinking about the best jobs for panic attack sufferers.  I totally disagree with this answer, by the way! While it’s super important to keep the drama in our lives to a minimum, this does not mean that we can shut ourselves off from the world and all the people in it.

The nature of panic attacks and anxiety makes us think this is the right thing to do- that we’ll be safe if we avoid people at all costs. But this is distorted thinking.

My favorite author Claire Weekes, in my favorite book, Hope and Help for your Nerves,  states on p.88 that “occupation helps regain stability.” She says this to a patient who insists he is too exhausted to work because of his anxiety.

When you push forward and keep on living- going to work, having a schedule and sticking to it, interacting with others- this is the path to freedom.

Anxiety and panic have and do try to rear their ugly heads in my everyday life, but by keeping busy, staying occupied with my job, and being engaged and active with the people around me, I keep them at bay.

Being occupied with a job is wonderful balm for anxiety and panic. Having outside stimulation, a sense of purpose, and other things to focus on besides your anxiety keeps your mind from dwelling inwards to anxious thoughts.

Being in normal surroundings like a job that takes you out of the house is one of the best things for you.

What do I say to the original questioner above?

Get out there and apply for jobs. If you need to- use natural anxiety supplements like PureCalm to get you through the panic moments.

Work a program like Panic Away to help you with panic attacks on the spot.

Know that having a job will be so very good for you emotionally.

It may be hard in the beginning. Your sleep may be disrupted, you might have scary negative thoughts. You might feel very sensitive and nervous at the new job.

But please stick with it.

After awhile, you will see that these feelings start to pass. Once you are at your job for a few weeks, as you continue to use your anxiety self help tools, your feelings will go back to normal.

And you will be so proud that you have a job!

What do you think about jobs for panic attack sufferers? Is there such thing as an “ideal job”?

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

I have been at my present job for over a year now- and I am so very happy! Want to know how I’m doing so well after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for so long? I recommend and use Panic Away. Click on the link to get started today and reclaim your life from fear.
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  1. Margaret Thorson says:

    I, too, am more relaxed in the fall. and I look forward to the dark evenings when I can hole up and do things I love like just sit and read, knit, sew. I don’t feel obligated to go out and do something. Summer is too frenzied for me.

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