Watching the News and Anxiety

the news and anxietyWhile getting my husband’s car serviced the other day, I had to sit in the waiting room of the auto dealer for about an hour. The waiting room had a television on and it was playing one of 24 hour news channels.

Sitting there listening to the constant stream of (bad) news was not pleasant. I felt a low level feeling of anxiety in my stomach. If I had to hear one about one more world crisis, natural disaster or freak accident,  I think I might have lost it! As I was driving home with the radio “off” in blessed silence, my anxiety and irritation started to dissipate. Listening to the news for an hour really had me rattled, and remembered why turning off the news is such an anxiety relief for me.

I was actually sort of a news junkie up until a few years ago and considered myself fairly well informed on current affairs. But I noticed that I would find myself feeling anxious while watching the news. I would get an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, and yet, still sit there and continue watching!

I realized a very important thing. Bad news and shocking stories make for good press, and I wasn’t doing my recovery from anxiety any favors by being spoon fed a bunch of troubles and horror stories that I could do absolutely nothing about.

So I decided it was in my best interest to turn off the news. The recession and the war in Afghanistan and crazy people that kill are not going to go away overnight. If I constantly focus on this stuff–which I am 100% helpless over— it can only serve to make me feel helpless, anxious and depressed. Extra anxiety in my life? This I do not need.

While I do read the headlines and enjoy the Sunday paper, I feel better overall when I keep those news channels off.

Need some instant anxiety relief? Take my suggestion and turn off the news!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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