Measuring My Klonopin Withdrawal Progress

klonopin withdrawalSo I’m doing well on my reduced Klonopin dosage. The Klonopin withdrawal symptoms have stopped and I feel stable.  I started my withdrawal on October 31 and I started feeling “back to myself” in early January.  I have had one panic attack in the interim

I do have 2  upcoming events that will be definite anxiety triggers for me. On such a small amount of Klonopin, naturally I wonder if my panic disorder will fire up again.

I have to attend a high school orientation for my daughter, held in the ultra huge high school auditorium.  Then a few days after that I have another orientation for her upcoming Confirmation, held in the local (huge) church. Blah…

I have already been feeling some dread and anticipatory anxiety for these future events, so last night I re- read Hope and Help for Your Nerves.  (See my book review)

From my book, I used the Face, Accept, Float, and Let Time Pass today when I had a twinge of anxiety. I also measured how I was feeling today against the HALTS acronym.  I discovered I was feeling a little lonely and tired.  I do feel better at this time, thank God.

I want the experience of successfully being in a variety of trigger situations before I decide if I will further reduce my Klonopin. Here is my list of to do’s over the next few weeks (the first two are obvious):

  1. Attend the high school orientation. My social anxiety kicks in at school events, when the parents gather together and carpool for an event.  I am not part of a clique, but a lot of the other parents are, and it can be a bit weird to see them in groups.  I always feel like an outsider.  I also have a history of panic attacks in large venues, and this auditorium is mighty big.
  2. Attend the Confirmation orientation in the church. I have a long history of having panic attacks while sitting in church, going all the way back to my teen years.  So here is a lecture like gathering  event actually taking place in a church.  This should be interesting.
  3. Go to church a few times. I’m not religious, but church has been a huge trigger for me over the years. I can always measure how good I’m feeling by if I can go to church and receive communion – or not.
  4. Be the topic leader at a new Al-Anon meeting. I’ve been asked by a friend to chair the newly started Al-Anon meeting in our town.  I generally am very comfortable at Al-Anon meetings, but the panic attack I had in December happened while I was leading a meeting. This will be going back into the most recent trigger situation. I’m interested to see how I do.
  5. Go out to dinner and a movie with a neighbor. This has been tentatively planned for this month (January).  This girl and I are not really close, but we like each other and have gone out together a few times over the years.  She isn’t a “safe person” for me, so this may be a challenge.

So I will keep you updated on my progress — whether I succeed or fail —  in attending these upcoming events. My goal is not just to endure these events, but to be OK before and during them. My choice today is to try to live a productive and full life while on half my usual dose of Klonopin. My hope is to eventually wean completely off the medication.

How do you measure your progress with Klonopin withdrawal – or any anti anxiety medicine withdrawal?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to post your comments below so that we can all share and learn together 😉

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

ps- I made an online purchase today. This system is touted to stop eliminate anxiety and panic attacks without meds. I’m not jumping up and down for joy with excitement just yet though. Over the years, I’ve bought practically everything on the market to cure panic attacks and yet I still get them.  I won’t say the name of the product yet, but once I have received it and used it, I promise to let you know if it’s the real deal.

In my opinion, panic attack sufferers are very serious folk, and this puts us at a huge risk for scams.  This system does have an 8 week money back guarantee, and I will send it back if it doesn’t deliver. If it works for me, I’ll be delighted to say so and share my results with you.

EDIT- I really really like this product, called Panic Away. Read my full review here.

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  1. Hi Jill. My neighbour was on anti anxiety medication and found it was hindering more than helping but she suffered a lot when she had to come off it. She had to just take each day, each hour at a time and find things to keep her occupied. Good luck x

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