Do You Get Summer Holiday Anxiety?

My kids have 3 half days left of school and then it’s on to a loong summer vacation. I get summer holiday anxiety every year so I thought it would help to write about it.

The general unstructured nature of summer makes me anxious as hell. I really tend to do better during the school year.

I start getting freaked out thinking about summer around late May. Once you’re a parent, you have to keep your kids busy in the summer or you will go crazy… Because they will get bored in about a week and start bugging you to death.

There is a lot of societal pressure around these parts to keep your kids active in sports and whatnot. summer anxietyThe thing is, my kids aren’t into the garden variety team sports.

So while many of the neighborhood moms are car pooling their kids to football, dance, or other things, this mother starts feeling guilty/anxious because her kids aren’t “a part of it”. Even though I know they aren’t even interested in these activities…How loony is that?

That, coupled with the fact that I work at home and my 14 year old is recently very argumentative to her mother have me sort of dreading this summer vacation.

And that’s when I have to stop the negative thinking. I want to relish my summer moments, not wish them away. I have wished far too much of my life away because of anxiety over the years.

This summer I will set boundaries and rules with the kids. To that effort, my 14 year old will be looking for a J-O-B this summer! Both gremlins WILL be helping me with chores around the house, and there will be limits on internet and video game time.

My anxiety symptoms can flair up in the summer. I think it has to do with it being so light out. for some reason, I always feel psychologically safer in the darker months, especially the fall (If that makes any sense). So I will also stay out of the extreme heat and humidity as much as I can because these can make me feel anxious. I will get up earlier if need be to get my work done.

Do you get summer holiday anxiety? What helps you?

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

Update: This post was written over a few years ago. I just came off a very good and relaxing summer. I have worked on this, and I have changed, thank God.

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2 Responses to Do You Get Summer Holiday Anxiety?

  1. Kelly says:

    Yes, I do. What helps me is taking a step back & it is always coming back to my negativity & concentration on ‘self’ & my problems. I am still recovering & haven’t enjoyed a day of my summer yet…but…..what I plan to do is 1). Be more positive about life, 2). Stop discussing my anxiety with everyone – they know I have it so no need to go on & on about 3). Concentrate on others & immerse myself in hobbies that make me happy – like serving others. Also, to realize that I believe in God & God says cast my worries on him – He believes anxiety is the work of the devil – I have to agree b/c it doesn’t serve any goodness in my life anymore so I am doing away with it.

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