Gratitude in the Early Morning

I woke up this morning. As I feel my body slowly coming back to life, I am grateful.

I hear my husband’s steady breathing. He is at peace. I am grateful.

I am clumsy as I find my robe and slippers. It is cold in the room. I yawn and do a big stretch. I am grateful.

My kitty bloops good morning to me as she anoints me with her silky fur. I am grateful.

My dog’s tail thump thumps in the dark as he waits in his crate to greet me. I am grateful.

Down the hall, my daughters are lumps underneath their warm comforter.They still look like babies when they sleep. I am grateful.

I go downstairs to the kitchen and turn on a light. It is quiet except for the dog’s toenails clicking on the wooden floor. I am grateful.

I let him out to do his business and feel the frigid morning air. I see the beautiful clear sky and moon. I tighten my robe and breathe deeply. I see my breath and my nose stings with the cold. I am grateful.

I feed the dog. It’s the same kibble he gets every day, and he’s wagging his tail like it’s filet mignon. I am grateful.

I start making the tea. I light a scented candle. I breath in deeply. I am grateful.

I love the early morning. It is my favorite time of the day. I am grateful.

Once, because of  panic disorder, I was hopeless and filled despair. Now I accept myself, warts and all, and know that my life is richly blessed. I am on the road to recovery.  I am grateful.

I wish you peace,


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2 Responses to Gratitude in the Early Morning

  1. Linus Lin says:

    I am grateful you wrote this poem.
    Thank you Jill

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