Yoga for Anxiety Relief

I just love it when I discover the stuff I love helps with anxiety too. This is the case with yoga. Yoga for anxiety relief works! It is wonderful as a preventative and treatment for anxiety (and depression too!).

Yoga incorporates the use of breathing techniques to create balance. Pranayama is the practice of using deep breathing to create a balance of ‘prana’ (vital energy of the universe) in the body. A lack of prana in the body can lead to feelings of constriction and restlessness. Anxiety is a biproduct of prana imbalance, and deep yoga breathing is designed to bring more prana into the body. It’s easy, feels wonderful, and helps create a new habit of deeper, healthier breathing. This is helpful for anxiety relief and good for overall health too.

Medical studies have shown that regularly practicing yoga is effective at lowering levels of anxiety. Yoga has been studied and found to help with anxiety in women, patients at psychiatric hospitals, and even war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. This ancient practice is pretty amazing stuff.  😉

Yoga Poses for Anxiety Relief

Forward bends, inversions and restorative poses are especially calming to the body and mind, helping to prevent and reduce excessive anxiety. The following poses are known to be especially calming: child, reclining bound angle pose, crocodile, seated forward bend, seated head to knee, and shavasna. Simple inversions such as downward dog, standing forward fold, standing yoga mudra, shoulder-stand, plow and supine staff pose triggers the body’s natural calming mechanisms, dilating the blood vessels and lowering heart and breathing rates.

Easy Yoga for Anxiety Relief

The Yoga For Stress Relief is a wonderful DVD that leads you through exercises that will loosen up your muscles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. In addition you will:

* Relieve stress
* Restore, relax and energize your body
* Increase fitness and lean muscle growth
* Improve your mood, focus and overall energy levels
* Ease aches, stiffness and back pains

Yoga For Stress Relief will help you relieve tension with gentle bending and twisting accompanied by coordinated breathing. This hatha yoga class incorporates various calming Pranayamas (Breath Exercises) with simple asanas (postures), like Downward Facing Dog, to create a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner reflection. Anytime you need to center yourself, and are looking for a more gentle practice.

There are over 150 4 and 5 star reviews for this DVD on Amazon, meaning very good to excellent customer satisfaction. Here are just 3:

Excellent stress relief by realmaterialgirl

I have a number of yoga DVDs and also attend a yoga class; however, I find I keep going back to this DVD over and over again. I like the variety of routines to choose from and the instructions/explanations are excellent. She also has a soothing voice, which adds to overall relaxation. I’ve been battling stress and anxiety for a few months now and have found this DVD to be exceptionally helpful in “letting go” of daily stress and calming my thoughts. Highly recommended!


Finally, anxiety and insomnia relief! by Marc Matney

A few years ago I developed severe anxiety and panic symptoms that nearly led to a home-bound case of agoraphobia. On the verge of losing my job and desperate for a cure I stumbled across this on Amazon and decided that at the price it was worth a shot. Within days of starting these routines my symptoms were drastically reduced, eventually to the point that I was able to handle my disorder without the use of medication. (This is in no way to discount the role of psychiatry/psychology in treating this disorder, I believe they are an integral part of overcoming it, but this DVD truly changed the course my life was on.) The breathing exercises help to retrain your breathing pattern, which in states of panic and anxiety are altered, and can be implemented quietly during your day to day life without drawing attention to yourself. I have even used them in business meetings and nobody has seemed to notice.

I have also battled insomnia. In my case it was simply not being able to ‘turn my mind off’ at night. Again, the insomnia portion of this DVD has been able to do what before only potentially addictive medicines had done for me, calm my mind to the point of sleep.

I can’t recommend this DVD enough. Thanks to Barbara for putting together such an invaluable tool for anyone suffering from stress related issues.


Needed DVD by Kelly N. Reece

If you’re stressed, you need this DVD. I have had anxiety for years and coped through medicinal ways. After becoming sick of taking pills to calm down, I turned to this DVD, and now look forward to it every evening. Barbara teaches you ways to train yourself to remain calm throughout the day, not just during the practice. My husband who isn’t the type to do Yoga, will even lay down and attempt some of the moves, after seeing my transition to calmness after each practice. I’m so thankful for this DVD.


This DVD is super convenient especially if you work at home, spend a lot of time in front of the computer, or just don’t have time to run to the gym. If you are suffering from agoraphobia and can’t go to a gym, this is certainly a great yoga solution for you. You practice at your schedule and your energy level.


I wish you peace,
Jill G.

p.s. Yoga for anxiety really works. This is a great solution for work at homes who are also in need of anxiety relief.

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4 Responses to Yoga for Anxiety Relief

  1. Dave says:

    I loved how smoothly and informatively this was written. Shared to Twitter and Facebook.

  2. farhat says:

    i m facing a long time panic attacks, anxiety situationes, becoz i m apart from my wife, she is in canada and i m in pakistan,i m waiting for my immigration, but 5 year gone and i m stil waiting for my immigration, and now this panic and anxiety starts,
    i use bromzipam tablet during panic attack,
    please tell me what are the key youga instances for avoiding panic and anxiety attacks,sometime i feel i m havin a heart attack, but many time went to doctor and having ecg, got to know that (thanks god) everything is fine, except its a panic attack.
    please anybody tel me some effective youga asans to relief this problem, i wil be very very thankful, thans,,

    • JillG says:

      Hi Farhat,
      Yoga practice is wonderful for keeping overall generalized anxiety at bay. Simple inversions like downward dog and those discussed above, stimulate the body’s natural calming mechanism by dilating blood vessels and lowering heart rate.

      If you are having panic attacks, yoga alone usually won’t be enough. You need to challenge the thoughts in your mind (the separation) and realize that they won’t harm you. A panic attack and the feelings leading up to it, while terrifying, actually won’t harm you in any way. This has been confirmed by your normal EKG. But you are trapped in a cycle of fear probably without even knowing it. You need to actually expose yourself to the fears you have- gently- and see yourself through to the other side. This is the way out of panic. Here is a post about how I do it What makes me panic is different than what makes you panic, but what we both need to do is one and the same.

      For more tips to help you, please see

      Hope this helps 🙂

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